Friday, November 25, 2011

Plant A Tree Campaign

Although this site is all about the production and burning of firewood, wee want to do are bit for the environment and apart from saying that your firewood should always be sourced from a sustainably managed forest, wee come up with this plant a tree campaign 

The goal - get as many trees planted as wee can

how ? - Wee need to all get together by becoming part of this campaign, spreading the word and getting involved in any way you can

So this year why not do something good for the environment and plant a tree?

Why a tree? well planting a tree can be such an easy thing to do but yet it can still be a massive benefit for the environment. Trees are like the lungs of the planet they breath in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This helps with the fight against global warming and the green house effect. Trees also provide habitat for wildlife as well as having many other benefit's.

There are many ways you can help form planting a tree in your own back garden or land to getting your local community involved and the tree doesn't have to be one that will grow huge like an oak tree! it can be a small one! Every little helps.

Even spreading the word and liking this campaign on facebook, twitter,digg, google +1 etc will be a massive help! As the more people sees it the better chance wee have of more people planting a tree and before long wee will have a massive forest - Thanks