Monday, January 24, 2011

What is a face cord

What is a face cord ? A face cord of firewood is a stack of firewood four feet high by eight feet long and only as deep as the length of the firewood pieces are cut too.

So the problem with measuring firewood by a face cord is that it is not an exact measurement. This is because the firewood pieces could be cut to any length for eg they could be cut to 16 inches long or 24 inches long and still be called a face cord.

So without knowing the depth of the stack or the length of the pieces of firewood you will not know how much firewood you are buying and usually the pieces are cut to random sizes. Which means you really don't know how much firewood you are buying and probably because of this selling firewood by the face cord is illegal in some places.

If you really want to no how much firewood you are buying, buy by the cord of firewood which is 128 cubic feet of firewood or by a fraction of a cord eg half cord or a quarter cord. These are recognized as legal units of measuring firewood

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Hope this helped on answering your questions on what is a face cord. Feel free to comment!