Saturday, January 1, 2011

how much is firewood

1   How much is firewood 2011 and what price should i be paying? To answer this wee need to look at the quantity or amount of firewood your are buying because the more you are buying the cheaper it is likely to be and this is nearly always the same for anything.

2   What way is it supplied?  Buying net bags of firewood logs is usually going to be dearer than buying a truck load of the same amount of firewood! this is because the supplier has to take into account the price of the net bags and the time and labour it took to fill the bag. Whereas a truck load is easier filled and they don't have the price of the net bags to include in it.

  What kind of firewood is it? What kind of firewood it is you are buying will affect the price allot. Is it hardwood? like oak, ash beach or is it softwood? like pine, Douglas fir etc. Generally hardwood firewood will cost more than softwood as it burns longer and puts out more heat and is a slower growing wood. So this is another thing you will have to take into account.

   Is it green firewood or seasoned? Seasoned firewood burns better as it is dryer so it will usually be dearer as it takes the supplier more work, storage and time to get it to this stage

  Wear abouts do you live? Your location and what part of the world you are in will also affect the price of the firewood. So you will have to check out the price in your local area to find out if you are getting a good deal. 

Hopefully this answered some of your questions on how much is firewood!