Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pellet stove vs Wood stove

Pellet stoves are now becoming more popular and maybe you are thinking which is better a pellet stove or a wood stove. There are sum advantages and disadvantages between both types of stove. So the choice you will make will probably depend on you heating requirements and preferences. Pellet stoves are usually bought as an alternative to traditional wood stoves by people who like the idea of heat from wood, but don’t want some of the disadvantages of heating with firewood and wood stoves.

Advantages for pellet stoves

 1   wood pellets usually have a lower moisture contain than ordinary wood usually around 4 to 8% making them more efficient at providing energy meaning not as much heat loss

 2   wood pellet stoves are usually thermostatically controlled. like oil or electric heating.
you set the thermostat to the desired setting and it will try keep the room to that temperature

3   wood pellets stoves have an automatic feed system. feeding the wood pellets into the stove automatically at different intervals or when needed to keep the temperature right. No more getting up in the night to put on coal or wood logs on the fire. Just fill up the hopper with pellets. usually once or twice a day depending on how much heat is needed

4   Because wood pellet stoves are more efficient allot of the heat isn't lost up the chimney making the chimney or exhaust not as hot. Sum models need no chimney atoll and just require a simple vent making them not as costly to install

5   pellet stoves are a very clean burning heat source and usually produce no visible smoke

Advantages for wood stoves
1   For sum people it is just the idea of having a traditional wood stove and the atmosphere that this brings and this makes it better than having a pellet stove

2   firewood is usually easier to come by than pellets and in allot of cases people just like making there own firewood and working with wood and this is quite easily done if you have the tools and a source of wood or trees

3   pellet stoves usually require electricity to run them, wood stoves do not

4   pellet stoves usually have a fan to cerculate the heat which maybe noisy