Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drying firewood fast

There is no real fast way of drying firewood unless you have some kind of firewood kiln. which most of us will not have. So what is the next best thing to use?Well probably the best way for drying firewood fast and the most economical way is to stack your firewood but one of the biggest secrets to this is air circulation. By this i mean stacking it in a windy location, this is the key. The more wind you have passing through your stack the better, also if you live in a sunny place stacking it in a sunny location is great.

Well how do i stack my firewood? well there are loads of different methods out there from criss crossing your firewood pieces to stacking in a straight line and most of them will work. Aslong as there are plenty of air gaps and you leave plenty of space between your rows. Also buying a firewood rack and stacking them on that can be a good idea as this will keep your firewood off the ground and makes it easier stacked as there are usually two upright sides to hold the stack together. Here are is a good example above

You mite be thinking that's allot of hard work why not just leave your firewood in a big pile?Well in my experience you will find that they will not dry as quickly, only the ones on the outside will dry and the ones on the inside will still be wet (green) and may even start to mould. This is because the air or wind isn't getting through them

Also i common mistake people make when drying there firewood is to cover their hole firewood pile or stack all the way to the ground. This just seals in the moisture and your firewood will start to sweat, this will cause mold and rot and will not help it dry. if your going to cover your stack just cover the top and not the sides. This will let the air circulate through it and keep the rain from soaking down through the top of the stack

Feel free to leave your own comments and tips on drying firewood