Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The firewood processors chain saw

The firewood processors homemade hydraulic chainsaw is constructed from a cheap chainsaw that i bought on eBay and a hydraulic motor. I dismantled the chain saw to get the parts i needed for the firewood processor. All i was after was one half of
the crank case housing ( the side the chainsaw bar is on ) and the crank shaft. The piston and crank shaft was all one piece, so i had to remove the piston from it with a grinder, so that i just ended up with a shaft. I then got a flat piece of steel plate and cut it so size. I then drilled holes in the plate to line up with the holes in chainsaws crank case so that i could bolt it together and a big hole in the centre to allow the crank shaft to go threw. I then bolted the steel plate and the case together

 Next step was to try connect a hydraulic motor to this. The hydraulic motor that i bought was a Parker f11 10cc hydraulic motor it has a max continuous RPM of 9900 i think. So to connect them together i bought a taper lock sprocket and bush to suit the diameter of the hydraulic motors shaft which i think was 25mm. I then cut the shaft and welded the sprocket part on to the shaft ( this took a bit of time and messing about with to get it dead in the centre of the shaft ) once i had this done i put the shaft in place, through the steel plate and into the casing. I then but the bush on the hydraulic motors shaft and placed this into the sprocket and tightened them both together using the two grub screws.

Next i measured the distance between the hydraulic motor and the steel plate and cut two pieces of box iron to fit and tightened it all together with two bolts as you can see in the picture above

if this was helpful in any way then please share thankyou


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How do you oil the chain ?

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Where can I get plans ?? WIll buy them !!