Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ferguson firewood processor

The firewood processor can keep up with some of the expensive firewood processors on the market. Just drop a 15 foot log on the large roller bench and the rest is effortless. the roller bench conveys the log forward with ease, with the push of a leaver

Next lower the log clamp to hold the log in position while cutting, then push the hydraulic spool valve leaver forward starting the hydraulic saw, lower the chainsaw into the log and a few seconds later your block of wood falls into the splitter trough and is split and discharged with the push of another lever and the cycle starts again. No more sore backs and less handling of the wood results in higher production and less fatigue

  • Power - tractor driven hydraulics
  • Splitting force - 30 ton
  • Chainsaw bar - 20 inch Oregon
  • Saw Chain Lubrication - Gravity feed
  • Maximum log diameter - 20 inch
  • max length of log - 20 feet
  • wedge - 4 way adjustable wedge