Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Firewood processor

A firewood processor is a probably the best way for making firewood fast. They are great at splitting it safely and quickly. A firewood processor is usually aimed for those in the firewood producing business but allot of people have found them to be a use full machine to have for there own personal use, especially if they burn allot of firewood themselves.

With fuel prices always increasing, many homes and businesses are Turing to firewood to heat there property. Many properties are replacing there old heating system with a wood burning system this could be due to environmental concerns but for many it is due to the cost, that they turn to firewood as there heat source.

This has lead to a great demand for firewood and allot of firewood producing businesses have appeared to meat this demand. For these businesses a firewood processor is usually a must have item. This is because they are a extremely use full machine and take allot of the hard work out of producing firewood.

Sum of the benefits of a firewood processor

1   A firewood processor speeds up the production of firewood, these machines usually have the ability depending on the model to process large and small logs quickly and easily and turn it into suitable firewood pieces very fast.

2   A second benefit of using a firewood processor is precision,  a firewood processor usually has an adjustable log stop, this sets the desired length of the firewood to be made. This makes the firewood a uniform length and is usually handier for packing into small bags for sale. A firewood processor also usually has an adjustable wedge. this splits the logs into different size pieces for eg into four, six, or maybe eight pieces depending on the size of pieces desired.

3   A third benefit is manpower. With out a firewood processor many men were usually needed to produce firewood commercially but with a firewood processor usually only one man is needed to operate the firewood processor safely and it produces the same amount of firewood. This cuts down on man hours and saves on the wages or frees up staff so that they can do other duties like sales or deliveries.

4    A firewood processor usually depending on model have a firewood conveyor built on them. This is used to convey the firewood which has been split away from the splitter and into for eg a trailer.  This is very handy an saves allot of time and labour afterwards hand balling the firewood pieces into a trailer.

Choosing a Firewood processor  

To assist with this growing need for producing firewood there are allot of processors on the market, so there are a hole range of firewood processors to chose from both for the domestic user and for those making a living from firewood.
Depending on your need and budget will probably help you cut down your choice a bit

Different firewood processor models vary regarding their capacity to cut wood and length and their output. Most middle of the range processors will cut 1 cord an hour however, it pays to check each models specification and decide what you need. Larger models tend to have better production outputs and times.