Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homemade firewood processor

Firewood processors are essential tools for cutting and splitting large volumes of firewood efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, these machines are expensive, but however
for around £1500, a homeowner can construct his own firewood processor, and enjoy the benefits (and perhaps the profits as well) of producing firewood with your very own firewood processor

Things You Will Probably Need

Welder - arc/mig

Hand tools - spanners etc

Power tools - drills, cut of saw, grinder etc

Steel - box iron, channel iron, angle iron, steel plate etc

Hydraulic motors

Hydraulic cylinders

To build your homemade firewood processor you will probably have to purchase firewood processor plans or design your own plans. To design your own a good idea would be to look at other firewood processors and choose which one you think works the best and base your plans on that or pick which ideas you like the best from different firewood processors and put them all together

You will have to choose the key equipment that you want to power your firewood processor. Do you want the firewood processor to b electric or hydraulic or a mixture of both etc. Do you want it to cut the firewood with a chainsaw or a circular saw. You will also have to decide what size of timber you will be cutting and base your plans around this, so that your firewood processor will be able to handle from the smallest diameter length of wood to the biggest diameter length of wood you will have

Fergusons homemade firewood processor

To see fergusons homemade firewood processor and how each of the main parts where built see the pages on the right! or see below

Ferguson firewood processor : how it works and the specifications   

Firewood processors bench : how the bench was made

Firewood processors chainsaw : how the chainsaw was made

Firewood processors pictures : sum pictures of the build

Firewood processor video : watch a video of it working