Monday, January 24, 2011

How much is a cord of firewood

How much is a cord of firewood?
knowing what a cord of firewood is and how much firewood is in it will help you understand how much firewood you have or are buying and might help you get the best value for money. A lot of people get confused by this measurements and end up getting either more firewood or less than they were expecting.

A full cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet of tightly stacked wood. The most common cord is a 4′x4′x8′ stack. Although this is the most common cord dimension there is a hole lot of different ones that will add up to a cord like 2x4x16, 1x4x32 these all add up to 128 cubic feet which is a full cord of firewood. It doesn't matter what the dimensions are as long as they add up to 128 cubic feet. which is a full cord

To find out how many cords of wood you have in your firewood stack measure the height, width and depth of your stack in feet and multiply these three numbers together to give you how many cubic feet of firewood you have. Then since a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet divide the number of cubic feet in your stack by 128. This will give you your answer

In any stack of firewood there is always going to be air gaps no mater what way it is stacked but the more tightly stacked the cord of wood. the more wood will be in the cord. there are different ways to stack wood sum people like criss-crossing the wood pieces. This might help in the drying of the firewood but there will be a hole lot of air gaps this way meaning less wood in that cord compared with sum other ways of stacking the firewood.

The amount of firewood in a cord of wood can also depend on the size and shapes of the pieces of wood, it can also depend on the person who stacked it, sum people are better than others at stacking and fitting the wood pieces together this means that not every cord of wood is going to be the same and even the same cord of wood knocked down and built over again can end up with less firewood or needing more firewood in it. This can be because in the differences in fitting the firewood pieces together

So in conclusion a wood cord is probably not an exact measurement on how much firewood is in a stack but is a good guide